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I need your team to write it, mb!

That feeling isn't love.

sales page or emails to sell it?

But, faced with writing the

You're in love
with your PRODUCT.

you just need to find the perfect person to write about *your* thing. 

or your bestie
who sent you here...

Could that person be me + my brilliant associate writer?

Well, you gotta read this page and trust your gut. 

You don't need me to convince you that having somebody just write it for you is sexy AF. 

-Jessica Dumas, Speaker Coach

"I can't begin to tell you how much I LOVE this page. Just LOVE IT. OMG It's amazing." 

I mean I seriously want to sign up for it myself!

- Dama Jue, Creator, The Bundle Formula

"She captured my voice and style flawlessly and needed pretty much no direction from me other than her intake form. Can't wait to book again!"

Mary Beth totally knocked my sales page out of the park.

- Kate Taylor, Life Design & Empowerment Coach

"She reaches into your heart, fills the chambers with magic and transforms them into elixirs for your soul."

Mary beth is the goddess mother freaking witch of words.

Dear Reader who
just doesn't wanna write it,
you have 3 options:  


The Juicy Little Email Sequence is your 6-part sales sequence for your existing product or program. 

This package is for you if you *already have a complete sales page* (or all the sales page copy written inside of a Google Doc you can show me) so that we have something concrete to work from! 

750 USD

book now

ideal for when it's no biggie, you just don't want to write it

book this to freshen up an old sales sequence, or promote something new

The Juicy Little Sales Page is just what it sounds like...a short & spicy sales page to sell your thing.

This is our most popular offer. 

If you need a long form sales page to sell your high ticket program, scroll down to request a Custom Project! 

997 USD

juicy little



Request a quote

expect a response within 48 hours

Fill out the form below to request a custom project.

This option is ideal for:

a long form sales page for your high ticket program

summit or bundle copy

email strategy + welcome sequence

sales page + email combos

$1997 & up

custom projects &
rush vibes


Because you want your sales copy directed by the girl enjoying corn on the cob in her swimsuit along with some OJ right outta the jug?

That's literally the only reason.

Do you feel a deep connection to what you do, but you prefer to talk about it with directness rather than lots of flowery language?

Do you have a sense of humor, and want to make sure your audience feels that?

We write best for the deeply caring, playful and somewhat irreverent set.

I work independently (I'm shy) and I don't send you lengthy onboarding paperwork (I'm disorganized) and I don't require a sit-down call on your copy date (I'm shy). 

I'm a hermit and I'm spying on your content while you move on with your life, and then suddenly I deliver the copy and you're like 🤯 🥳

That's it. That's the whole process. 

Why should you hire us to write this thing for you?  

"Why tho?"

You choose which package you need and hit the link.

Once your invoice is paid, you book your date and sign your contract. 

You fill out the project form and make sure I have all the info I need about your Thing. 

On the date of your project, me + my associate writer get busy with your project.  I don't need a Zoom call with you unless you want one. I send you the finished copy one week later (in most cases).  

You'll have 48 hours to request edits to your copy!

Here's what happens next:

"Now what?"

what if I have more Questions?

Feel free to message me with your Qs! Please know that I won't *consult on your project details/offer positioning* until you've booked. 

what if I'm pre-selling my product and i haven't created it yet?

That's OK! A lot of people send me a Google Doc that has all the info they know about their product. 
As long as you KNOW your product and understand why your people need it, we can sell it.

What happens after I fill out the inquiry form?

If I feel like we're a good fit for your project, I'll send you an invoice within 48 hours. After you've made that deposit, we will discuss your project more and sign a contract. But if you're just looking for a Juicy Little Sales Page or a Juicy Little Email Sequence, you can bypass the request form and just Reserve Your Spot.

How soon will my project be finished?

One week later (from the Project Date you've booked) in almost all cases. 
If you want it rushed, you'll book what I call a "VIP weekend" to get it done ASAP. Put your RUSH vibes inside a custom request.  

I need something written that isn't talked about here.

Just fill out the inquiry form and tell me what you need. If it sounds like I'm a good writer for it, I will write it. All custom projects begin at $1997. Thanks for the trust.

when's your next opening?

You can contact me directly and ask this and I'll happily answer you. Thanks for understanding I won't be able to consult about your project details until you've booked. ✌️🙂

You DM'd me and asked:

"hey, girl..."

"I feel like you see my ideas sometimes even better than I do.

I feel seen and honestly EXCITED to sell"

— catie lynch

My writing has appeared in The Times Literary Supplement, FENCE, Hayden's Ferry Review, and other literary publications...

and also on the websites of + in your email inbox addressed from some of your favorite movers & shakers in the online space. 🥰

My favorite thing to do is stare at the wall and think about how your audience is thinking about their problems, so that I can position your offer in a way that's going to have you even MORE excited to promote it.

To do this, I use my 10 years' experience as an entrepreneur, my professional training in argumentative writing, + my lifetime as a poet...which means I scrutinize every word with a fine tooth comb. I rewrite the sh*t out of everything and your project has gone through several drafts before you even see it.

This process (combined with YOUR knowledge of your audience that you share during your intake) is what gives your sales copy its poignancy and why your audience is going to find it so irresistibly f*cking compelling.

I'm a poet, personal essayist & mother of 2,
and I'm an Intuitive copywriter for online business owners.

Mary Beth
O'Malley, MFA

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