I'm marybeth.

word witch +
head cheerleader in
 your wild story

My mission is to see you transform as a creative...
by owning
your story
& the way you tell it

The best thing about living with kids is that they have very flexible brain pathways, which means that:

I get to watch them change their ideas about themselves and the world constantly.

I live with two human beings who are not only free of self doubt, but they pretty much do not understand limits.

I witness pure inventiveness every day, and I apply that to my art as a poet,
to my work as your website copywriter,
and to my role as your content coach.


scary good approach
allows you to

stop feeling small

feel confident in your mission

do more of what
you love

let's get
to know
each other

I'll go first

I am an Appalachian girl (born in WV, raised in Eastern OH) who moved down south to earn her MFA in Poetry at the University of Florida.

While in the subtropics, I met my sweetheart, the writer Daniel J. O'Malley, then moved home to West Virginia where I opened my own business as a Prenatal Massage Specialist.

I worked in private practice for 8 years before taking my favorite thing about my business—writing and content marketing—and making it my full time focus.

As a result of my background as an intuitive bodyworker in private practice, my approach to our work is:

extra (dramatic, deep, juicy, empathic, and often incorporating a tarot card or two).

You can get a feel for what it's like to work with me via my daily content tips over on my IG stories...

...but if you've read this far down the page, you should definitely just write to me.

your audience can't connect with your brand story until

you do