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This package completes your internet home, 

Overwhelmed with options? no worries.
It's my job to help you get clear on how i can help you. send me a message here.

the cozy, exciting, inviting place that truly shows the world who you are and who you're here to serve. 

We take you from Oh-shit-I-need-a-website-but-when-will-I-have-time-to-figure-out-the-words to

"Oh SHIT! Mary Beth NAILED my voice and my vision, I am OBSESSED with my new web copy!!"

After our phone call where we become biz besties, I will write the following pages from scratch:

Home Page  ///  About Page /// Services Page

...and share the Google Docs with you for review. Then, we debrief and revise where necessary.

Investment begins at 1200 USD , with payment plan options available. The first step is to fill out this brief form!

"just write it
for me,

There is so much writing that is essential to your business, and you do not have the time to crank it out every. single. week. 

copy + content packages

there are writers out there
whose passion is brand storytelling.
>>> me <<<

I offer my monthly content writing package to 4 clients per month. Book a 1/2 day or a full day with me to plan out one project, or book me for a month to go back and forth about a few random things. 

webpage refresh
sales page
email sequence
IG content writing
product descriptions

Starting at: 550 USD 
Let's talk about this!

"help me
figure out
what i'm

WTF does it mean to "be authentic?" I swear I'm already doing it, and no one seems to care!

How do I know what I'm saying is relevant?

What the heck am I supposed to write in my captions so that people actually respond to what I'm saying?

How do I write my launch emails so that people will actually OPEN them?

...And how am I supposed to come up with DAILY Stories content?!

You've heard it over and over again:

You need to SHOW UP daily!
You need to be authentic!
Be an authority! Share your story!

But you have all kinds of questions, like:

After our Content Planning Intensive,  you will:


...stop worrying over your content and what to do when.
...stop throwing spaghetti at the wall (no more "post and pray")
...have a clear purpose for everything you share with your audience up excited, confident that you can provide value
...feel like an organized badass because you know exactly what you're going to do on IG for the next 30 days.

I love helping my clients stop stressing about their content plan so they can stay in their zone of genius.

This is a Zoom or Voxer collaborative planning session for the DIY queen who needs someone in her corner. 

Starts at: 350 USD  Let's do this!


Your new biz bestie

As a result of my background as an intuitive bodyworker in private practice, my approach to our work is:

extra (dramatic, deep, juicy, empathic, and often incorporating a tarot card or two).

You can get a feel for what it's like to work with me via my daily content tips over on my IG stories... Send me a DM and let me know why you've wandered onto my page!

If you've read this far, it's time to stop chasing squirrels and take the next step with the coach or service provider whose work speaks to you! xxoo MB